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Full-Service Above Ground Vinyl Pool Installation in the Houston Area

DMG Pools is a premier vinyl pool installation company in Houston and Spring, Texas, specializing in above and in-ground pools. Our number one goal is to leave our customers satisfied with their professional results. Our 35 years of working in vinyl pool installations gives us the knowledge and experience required to fulfill customer satisfaction. 

We are a new and growing company, which means we’re ready to expand with great low rates. While we may be a new company, our highly trained pool installation team have over three decades of professional experience, and are looking forward to being your premier vinyl pool company. We work with a professional attitude and mindset to get the job done the right way.

Why Go With Vinyl Pools

DMG Pools installs the highest quality above ground swimming pools. Additionally, our vinyl pool liners are the perfect addition to any above ground swimming pool. Each replacement vinyl pool liner is made with quality and built to last for years. All of our above ground pool liners are carefully designed to retain the maximum amount of pool water, provide a protective barrier for the structure of the pool, and assist in maintaining structural integrity.

With our personal experience, vinyl pools are the best way to go. Our high quality and professional vinyl pool installations cost only between $1,200 to $5,000. DMG Pools ensures all of our premier vinyl pool installations are easily accessible and affordable for everyone, so anyone can enjoy a quality pool at an affordable price.

Maintenance Is Easy With Above Ground Vinyl Pools

In addition to their affordable price and high quality, vinyl pools offer easy maintenance and are very easy to keep up with. Additionally, if you want to change the look of your vinyl pool, you can easily replace the liner. However, the benefits of vinyl pools don’t stop there. If you ever decide to move, the pool can be broken down and taken with you.

Our above ground swimming pool installations are the easiest to replace and come in a wide array of designs. When changing your pool liner, it simply snaps into the receiver and gives you an even and consistent look. Because they install evenly around the pool wall, vinyl pool liners portray beautiful designs and patterns, including wall borders and tile trims.

DMG Pools in Houston, Texas

DMG Pools can help you get started building your dream above ground vinyl pool today. In addition to our above ground vinyl pools, we also install high-quality inground pools throughout Houston. With over 35 years of experience building and installing vinyl pools in Houston, Texas, we are the number one pool company in Greater Houston. For those wanting a great pool at a low price, DMG Pools vinyl pool installations are the way to go.

In Houston, Texas, the temperature is almost always hot. The Spring climate consists of mainly long, hot and smoldering temperatures with very short winters. If you live in Houston, our pools are a fantastic option for a great swimming pool at a low price. For more information on how to get started choosing your ideal vinyl above ground swimming pool, contact us today.

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* Listed price is for pool only, and varies depending on the size and shape of the pool. Installation and setup  is not included and will be charged seperatly.

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